December 23rd, 2002


a lot more sex

okay,mister livejournal, it's been awhile. i'll catch yer ass up, right quick.

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so this started as a comment in dennis' journal but i'll put it here for all my nerdcore friends to read and yell at me. here are a few thoughts (mostly complaints) about two towers.
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i just noticed that the state farm extended good student discount [for college kids] "terminates at age 25 or if female, at time of marriage, whichever occurs first." if i marry someone, she loses insurance and i don't? what?

in other news, we just got some telemarketer.. i answered, gave it to my dad who immediately says into the phone "hi i'm not interested in any of your products" and hands it back to me. before i hung it up, i could hear the guy on the other end laughing.
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don't even bother reading this

oh that is just fucking spectacular. oh great. happy. yeah. WHST THTE FUjhabvaa

okay i cant type now. anyway--- so this is pretty damn spurious right now. but on the flimsy chance that i'm right, i think i will be INTENSELY BITTER. god damn it. i swear she just appears every so often to ruin my life. wtf?? i wish it was intentional so i could say fuck off and forget about it. but no. we hang out. we have fun. it's good. and then she vanishes and is IMPOSSIBLE AND FUCKEHGFEIHGEHGKUEWGF and i dont understand. she only talks to me when she needs something. i dont know why she doesnt care. or maybe i do, maybe i got weird, i cant even tell. ohhh hateful life. oh. i'm sick of people just not caring; i know i have good friends, i should just suck it up. but god damn it no! i want her to like me the way i like her, or at least to like me at all. a friend. i think ive earned more than being a goddamn manservant.

ah drama. i shoot myself in the head
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zombie penguin

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[btw, a lot of the reason why i'm so vague when i'm pissed off is i dont know who reads this journal (or in some cases because i DO know), and it's rarely worth making a special friendgroup for one petty complaint.]