December 27th, 2002


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so driving home, i'm on a snowy road and these 2 girls, like 12 yrs old, run out in front of my car. i slam on the breaks and spin out into a snowbank. i coulda just as easily gone hte other way into traffic. i get straightened out and on my way, and theyre on teh side of the road giggling. cuz there's nothing funnier than causing traffic accidents. i wanted to drive onto the sidewalk and run them down

i forgot all about this til just now.. ya know those sweatpants that say abercrombie, or hottie, or whatever, on the ass? and theyre really stupidlooking and i don't know why anyone would wear them.. but anyway, when claire was visiting up at unh, she spotted some girl wearing pants that said WOODY on the ass. i was thrilled.

OH MAN. some guy came into work today and had $150 in powerball tickets he wanted me to run thru the machien and see if he won anything. it took like 10 fuckin minutes. and he won a total of 16 dollars. if he had given me 100 dollars, it woulda saved him $34 and i would have put the rest to better use than the nh gaming commision probably will.
on a related note, i sure am glad that the winner of the kazillion dollar powerball jackpot was already a millionaire beforehand. that is spiffy.

ive been listening to boston all day. it's sweet. there's soemthing really strange about their music, but i cant figure out what it is. this song is an exception tho, cuz it's just fuckin great. everything else is great+weird (well, some are okay+weird. but ya know)

is anyone doing fun and exciting things for new years that they wish to invite me to? or alternately, would anyone like to do as-yet unplanned fun and exciting new years things with me?

wait, actually.. replace new years with any time at all. let's all hang out!
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