December 30th, 2002


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sweet i'm dyslexic now!
porcelain ocean (1:27:30 AM): sleep real good.
King Nixon (1:27:35 AM): will do
King Nixon (1:27:36 AM): too you
King Nixon (1:27:37 AM): wait
King Nixon (1:27:38 AM): you too
King Nixon (1:27:39 AM): yeah
maybe i should start walking backwards.

but!! onto the more important news of the evening. so i went to see catch me if you can with lyzi and allie. it was a good movie, very fun. but on the way home, we drop off allie, we're heading down webster street to lyzi's place, when she suddenly shouts that i need to turn around. i go around the block (and momentarily turn the wrong way onto a [thankfully trafficless] 1way street thanks to an intersection with no signs), get back to where we were, and see this:

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