January 1st, 2003


eat a dick, new year

yeah, best day ever.
step one-- my left leg is a quarter inch shorter than the right. to compensate and avoid crippling back pain (you'd be surprised what a quarter inch can do) i have a little rubber lift in my shoe. now, my new shoes are wider than the old ones, so the lift shifts around. this makes it wear strangely, and is really uncomfortable in the foot vicinity. so i am bringing it in to this shoe place on elm, where they made the 1st one, to get a new one thatll fit in teh new shoes. i tried going in thursday but they had a sign up saying they were closed all week for xmas. the sign said they were opening up again this week. their schedule says theyre open tuesdays from 8am-4:30pm. i got there about 2:30 and it was closed up tight. no signs saying they were closed for new years or anything. just, door locked, lights out, fuck off.
step two--- work was ridiculous. it was consistently busy for the entire 8 hr shift, often with big lines of people waiting for little old me to ring them all up. everyone, of course, was buying tons of alcohol, cuz what's a new year if you can't get wasted and drive home and kill people? score. this guy rob was supposed to come work 5-9 (i was there 3-11) but he never showed up. thanks rob! and someone drove off w/o paying for their gas = 10 bucks. the highlight of my day was that emmy came in and said hi. she was buying gas and was there for about 20 seconds. oh yeah, and this superpretty girl came in and smiled at me a lot*. i woulda been romancin' her but i was still livid from this old guy spilling his coffee all over the counter and then walking out without saying a word. i should have beaten him with his cane. and speaking of coffee, 3 seperate times i went to make a new pot of coffee, like we're supposed to do every half hour but actually do every couple hours or when it gets low, put the filter into the thing and emptied the pot and hit the start button, only to discover upon finding a pot full of light brown water that i forgot to put the coffee grinds in the filter. 3 friggin times. well, it's better than when i used to always forget to empty the pot before hitting the start button so that the pot would overflow coffee all over the floor. that's the best.
step three-- lyzi is having a little new years party tonight. i was invited, and went by after i fiiiinally got out of work, counting on this to make my day less shitty. i got there and hit the buzzer button thing, and no answer. i stood there like 5 minutes jabbing the button and never got any response. boo. so i came home and called and no answer. lyzi, unless youre giving birth as i type this, i am peeved.

oh yeah, did i mention that a bunch of my friends went to montreal for new years, to party their lives away? did i mention that teh first i heard abotu this was from dave, after everyone going had already been there for a couple days? thanks guys. have fun.

* she bought booze so i had to card her. she was 27. she looked 20. there was this other lady who came in later, she looked 40. she was actually 23. after she left, i asked the guy behind her in line how old he thought she was. he said 19. f? i wonder how many 10 year olds i've sold to cuz i thought they were 70.
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oh snap

in my dream last night, i discovered that i was able to blow myself. i didnt actually do it, but i was impressed that i could. in waking life, i cannot.

in other news, i like this:
XxShaggxX (12:39:35 AM): rooooooooofle

and! i read this in the union leader tonight at work. apparently this lady was walking out of vista food or some shitty store like that, and this guy jumps out of a nearby van, yells PILLOW FIGHT, and beats her senseless with a pillow. the guy driving the van filmed it all on a cancorder. then they drove away.
that's the best thing i've ever heard. a fuckin drive-by pillow fight.

XxShaggxX (1:13:46 AM): yeah, if only all gang violence could be that way
King Nixon (1:13:50 AM): haha
XxShaggxX (1:14:13 AM): yo man, I busted that nigga upside his head with a down-filled king size...
XxShaggxX (1:14:19 AM): shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
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renny just told me that my will is very weak. he is entirely right.

he then went on to tell me that happiness is impossible without god*, and that everyone at heart knows god exists whether or not they consciously choose to acknolwedge that. this i dispute.

* he defines god as "consciousness, knowledge, bliss" and says that god is a very simple thing, much simpler than a chair. i don't think he subscribes to any particular religion, but his god seems to be the warm and fuzzy new-age/christian banal god who loves everyone all the time in the most inconspicuous way possible.

ps: it turns out i have been using the word pithy all this time as exactly the opposite of what it really means. how did that happen?
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king todd

on saturday, the exies (who ive only heard one song from but it's neat. and their name is short for the existentialists, which is a pretty funny thing to name a band i think) are playing an acoustic show at newbury comics, 2-4. i'm supposed to work at 3, i left the manager a note asking if i could come in a little late. and then theyre playing a real show that night for a buck. so if theyre good the 1st time,maybe i'll see them twice.

my manager, btw, is a nepotist of the first order. he has working at teh store-- his bitchy wife, her incompetent friend*, his pal rob who never showed up last night, and his french-canadian dad who doesnt understand anything you say to him.

* she comes in today to replace me. stands around reading tabloids and loudly commenting on every story, rather than sign in and help take care of teh line of customers. when she finally gets around to coming over to the register, the first thing she says to me is "did you add up all the totals right?" (you leave the next person working teh total thats in the register so they dont have to count it up when they start). i say "i hope so" and she answers "so do i, cuz i can never add things right." wow, it's a good thing her job is to DEAL WITH MONEY AND COUNT CHANGE. CUZ YOU DON'T NEED MATH SKILLS FOR THAT.
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so i just went into the kitchen to grab some pizza out of the fridge. on the way there, my mom tells me from the livingroom that there's pizza in the fridge. i tell her i already know, when she continues with "there's 4 pieces. i dropped one, but i didn't think you'd mind." thanks mom! i hope i get awesome diseases


Biotechnology and Society: B
Essay Writing: B
Milton: A
World Englishes: B-

Current GPA: 3.16
Cumulative GPA: 3.23

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so my cd-r drive no longer acknowledges blank cds. it can read cds fine if they have stuff on them, but if i put in a blank cd-r or cd-rw it tells me there's nothing in the drive. what is going on?

update: okay, i installed cd creator and rebooted like 3 times and now it all works fine again for no reason. xp can see blank cds like whoa.
i hate computers, because i'm so beholden to them.