January 17th, 2003


so i didn't win millions of dollars today. i was hoping!

ive been listening to this song for like an hour straight. oh man

i took kathy off my buddylist tonite to make room for elise. there's a good chance that due to this i will never talk to her again. such is life

i talked to casey tonite about goin into dj training school at wunh. i think i'm goin for it. rock the radio

crap i was gonna go to bed 2 hours ago! i hate when i do that. goodnight friends and lovers

ps: do we move back into the dorms sunday or monday? i cant remember
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goodbye job

tomorrow (today) is my last day of work at cumberland farms. ever. (unless i break down and go back at some point*). i think i need to try getting a job that is not entirely based around dealing with 383285835 random people every day. i've never had one of those. i mean, i do love people, andsometimes customers are hilarious and i'm all smiles, but MY GOD I HATE EVERYONE. people are mean and stupid and annoying and pester me and why won't htey just go away so i can get paid to read?? that's what i need-- i want my normal life to be salaried.

* i still want to get some sort of offcampus housing for this summer into next year**. if that doesnt happen i'll end up at home again and i'd have to find some other stupid job in manch and i might end up just going back to cumbys out of laziness and gravity. but we'll see. maybe i'll get a great job i love, or inherit billions from a mysterious rich uncle and retire at the golden age of 20

how do people have careers? they go to work every day for mumbly years, put in the 9 to 5. i do that for a month and hate it.

** anyone interested?
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ohhhhhhhhkay... my mom just came in, announced she had a song for me, and proceeded to sing this:

(to the tune of "row row row your boat")

fuck, fuck, fuck a duck
screw a kangaroo
fingerbang an orangutan*
orgy at the zoo

* (yeah i think i heard it wrong before, so i fixed it)
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