January 24th, 2003


if fishes were wishes, i'd learn to swim

saw a billion people at lunch today. having everyone in the world be at meals seems to be the pattern of the semester so far, whcih i am all for.
on her way out, colleen bonked me in the head with her bag by accident. she said sorry, and for no reason that i'm aware of, my response was "oh, hi!" like we had just run into each other on the street.

actually that happened yesterday. apparently i forgot to hit post. today everyone was at lunch again tho, it's magic. then i went to get mail and ran into alicia and kate and kate's friend who is running a superbowl betting pool grid thing. kate put a FREE TO A GOOD HOME sign on my back (god knows where it came from) which i wore most of the way to PCAC then stuck in a snowbank. i hope someone gives the snowbank a good home
after classes and stuff, i drove home to find out why my parents' computer was killing itself. turns out the video card was coming loose, whcih was simple enough to fix. it was great tho-- when i hooked it back up and came back here at the end of break, i checked it 1st to make sure it was working ok, whcih it was. i get a call later that ngiht saying it won't turn on and it's all sorts of fucked. i get home, hit the power button just to see what it does, adn of course it worked normally. i was like 'uhhh dad?'
my computer, meanwhile, continues to suck balls. actually just the cd drives, both of which like to lock up for no aparent reason now. it's sweet

goodbye to the flash

i am so covetous and so envious. 2 traits which bother me. and i have bad posture
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i've been thinking lately that i should look into trying medication again. ive been feeling pretty shitty lately, and i dont know what else to do about it anymore. waiting for it to go away is not very fruitful, and ive tried the counselling therapy route to no avail. they always end up telling me the same things i already know and then we hit a wall. so, drug me up? i tried it once before, and got freaked out and gave up after the effexor gave me panic attacks. bceause we know ohso much about brain chemistry, trying one medication and then stopping is next to useless
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maintenance man

ok, so someone came by to find out why my room is leaking. step one was to stab his big knife into the ceiling so that it would drip into the trash instead of onto my bed.

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step two was to cut big ridiculous holes in the wall and ceiling.

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step three: PROFIT.

yes. then he looked into the holes, discovered that the leak was coming from the old rusty iron looking pipe, didnt know what the pipe went to, and decided to leave it for whoever does maintenance in the morning. he said that the pipe "probably" won't burst. i'm so comforted. good thing 90% of my belongings are on the floor.

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