February 23rd, 2003


pick it up


so, last night....
* i went to the last 5 bucks! show ever.
* i wore a dress shirt and jon's tie.
* i had lots of fun.
* i got knocked down twice in the pit.
* i shouted myself hoarse
* i felt spurned.
* i found SMACK brand ramen, but did not buy it.
* i was uncomfortable.
* i hugged people.
* i watched mst3k in lee. everyone else there was high.

today i developed a twitch. fencing tournament today, and after the 1st string bouts finished up, i had about 7234893843 hours to kill. i spent some of that napping, but every like 10 minutes i would wake myself up by spasming. not hugely, but like my leg would kick, or my arm would jerk, and it would wake me up. if i can't sleep tonight because i'm twitching i will NOT be pleased.
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alien chest burst

post no bills

dear fuckhead,
you ruined it for everyone. you called me today at about 4am. i got out of bed to answer because i thought anyone calling so late must have a damn good reason. you hung up when i answered. you've been doing that a lot lately. so now, my ringer goes back off. ass.

so everyone, if you want to get ahold of me, you can try the phone but there's a good chance i won't see it ringing (it still lights up when a call is coming in). so IMing or just coming over would probabaly work better
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(no subject)

this, by teh way, is a perfect example of waht i said the other day about sometimes wanting to go into a blind rage. does anyone want to be beaten to death with a pipe? i'd be glad to help you out

in ohter news, i suck. im sorry.
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i hope youre okay

oh my god. my friend is in a lot of trouble. i actually cant say anything more than that, but oh my god.
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