March 4th, 2003


thank you

some people get pleasure from robbing banks, or punchign random strangers in teh face. some people get pleasure from volunteering at a soup kitchen or being a firefighter.
i feel bad for the first group, they really got shafted on inclinations. it's not their fault what they enjoy..
and by the same token, if someone is donating their time to a cause, soup kitchen for example, because they like doing so and enjoy the feeling this gives them (i dont think there are a lot of people trying to help others not because it gives them a feeling of personal fulfillment), what are they gettign thanked for?
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    Strapping Young Lad - City - 04 - Detox

aaaaaaaand i suck

*presumably, at 6:30 my alarm goes off and i hit snooze. i don't remember this
*6:39 my alarm goes off again and i hit snooze again. i was not aware of doing this but i vaguely remember it happening
*i turn off the alarm so it doesn't go off again, and i can get up.
*i fall asleep
*i wake up at 8
and all i want to do now is go back to sleep