March 10th, 2003


wherein dan learns he is not the man he thought, and everything comes full circle

so the big news is that i dont know waht the past few days accomplished but i seem to be back where i started now. which is better than the recent past but resolves nothing

an idle thought..
au bon pain is what panera bread longs to be

why are we in space?

how to live well on very very little

my mom once tried to convince me to ask out rachel weigler, solely because she's jewish and tall

saw bowling for columbine. i was very impressed. it's not perfect, but absoutely you should see it if youre at all interested in the subject (US's fascination with guns and violence). and i'm lazy so that's all i'll say about that
oh, one thing-- does anyone else want to rent/watch roger and me? (michael moore's previous big movie). i really want to see it. let's do this shit up right, yo
ps: hahah i looked up bowling for columbine on out of curiosity, and when i did the title search, here are the 1st two choices it gives me:
1) Bowling for Columbine
2) Nude Bowling Party
i want to see nude bowling party. that sounds hott. "Just as the title suggests. League play gets interesting when two teams of dancers and models square off at the lanes, with a $15,000 prize at stake for the sexiest player. Regulation shoes, however, stay on." oh mannnn

seeya in the shower!
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zombie penguin

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French Foreign Minister Dominique deVillepin today warned
Iraq not to act alone in creating weapons of mass destruction.

"Unilateralism is bad," said Mr. deVillepin. "We urge Iraq to
work in a multilateral way, through the U.N. perhaps, to
manufacture, deploy and conceal weapons of mass

"I have spoken with German officials," he added. "To prevent
the horrors of unilateral action we are prepared to work with
Saddam Hussein to organize . . . how do you say in English?
A coalition of the killing . . . or is it coalition of the shilling . . .
well, you know what I mean."

When questioned by reporters about the morality of producing
chemical and biological agents, the foreign minister said, "It's
more important to do things together than to do the right thing."
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stupid cold. i ran out of tissues, and i hate having to get up and get some toilet paper from the bathroom every time i sneeze. i hope you like snot, pant legs!
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