March 13th, 2003


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i don't want somebody to love me
just give me sex whenever i want it
cuz all i ask for is instant pleasure
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kevin and julie!!

i went poking around online for apts the other night.. found a whole bunch of listings. i havent really gone thru all this and picked out good ones or anything, but yeah.. so here's a whole crapload of possibilities anyway. anything look promising?

the 1st group, is places within walking distance of campus..

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here are some that are farther but near bus stops and such..

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ta da!..

there's no telling what we'll do when we're free

"But also observe how beautiful she is! How interesting! I dont like to trouble anyone; despite that, I woudln't be too displeased to have been the cause of her pain." -diderot ... he's in for a surprise

i'm not going to make it thru the day. i am so tired adn sleep deprived and blah, i keep falling asleep sitting here. i will work on my paper til class at 11, come back at 12:30 and finish it, go to the class its' due for at 2, at 3 come back and work on my story some more since i abandoned it last night in frustration, go to aegis at 7, be there forever, then probably die. so it's been nice knowing you all
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alien chest burst

freedom kiss

yeah so walking back from philly with my nice yummy sandwich. i slip on ice, land directly on my left elbow which now hurts like a banshee, and the sandwich exploded all over me and the hill. so that fucking sucked a little bit
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it may as well crash on me

AWRIGHT i finished my shitty art paper. woo! and as it is due....... now, i will not be proofreading it in the slightest. i wrote most of it last night in a near stupor so i really hope parts of it just make no sense at all. that'd be neat. the brian proulx method of paper writing

ps, i have been listening to my 2 versions of natural one over and over since last night. such a great freaking song
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kate treats me right

Tygr28 (4:20:01 PM): want cookies?
King Nixon (4:20:15 PM): always!
Tygr28 (4:21:02 PM): rock, i'll stop by and drop 'em off
King Nixon (4:21:23 PM): ! you were serious
King Nixon (4:21:26 PM): score!
Tygr28 (4:21:28 PM): haha
Tygr28 (4:21:30 PM): always

and i bet i'll get more cookies after break. nastassia's mom always makes me some, cuz she thinks i look like i need them. sweeeeeet
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as i predicted, i goofed up part of my paper. the funny thing is though which part i screwed up. somehow i left off the LAST PARAGRAPH. like, i looked at it when i was handing it in and realized that i just forgot to end it entirely. so i came back here and wrote that and emailed it to her. the whole paper is really pretentious and deep-sounding without actually saying a damn thing for 6 pages, i'm pretty psyched

and now, that story
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