April 12th, 2003


How can I, who have not the strength to hold to my own past, hope to save the past of someone else?

haha today is my livejournal's birthday. yay!

King Nixon (2:35:21 AM): i was thinking today. how much i crave any sort of physical contact
heartsarefire (2:35:37 AM): same here
heartsarefire (2:35:46 AM): esp because i associate physical contact with emotional closeness
heartsarefire (2:35:48 AM): which sucks for me
King Nixon (2:36:14 AM): julie tacklehugged me today and its the 1st time ive gotten more than like a high5 from anyone in quite a while
heartsarefire (2:36:26 AM): hahaha
heartsarefire (2:36:35 AM): yeah i dot' think i've had a hug in.......awhile
heartsarefire (2:36:40 AM): i'm sure i've hugged sam
heartsarefire (2:36:41 AM): but tha'st about it
King Nixon (2:37:16 AM): people dont hug me very often. like normally huggy people
heartsarefire (2:37:22 AM): yes you've said hat
heartsarefire (2:37:24 AM): that
King Nixon (2:37:26 AM): i know
King Nixon (2:37:29 AM): it bothers me
heartsarefire (2:37:37 AM): i'm sorry
heartsarefire (2:37:42 AM): i dont' have any insight on that one
King Nixon (2:38:38 AM): sometimes i'll even try to not be pathetic, and initiate it myself, and half the time the other person doesnt move and im like.. erg, and drop my arms
heartsarefire (2:38:55 AM): hm. maybe ppl don't realize it?
heartsarefire (2:38:58 AM): i really don't know at all
King Nixon (2:38:59 AM): i guess
King Nixon (2:39:05 AM): or they dont want to hug me
heartsarefire (2:39:17 AM): if you want to be pessimisstic aboutit
heartsarefire (2:39:19 AM): about it
King Nixon (2:39:22 AM): which of course i do
heartsarefire (2:39:24 AM): of course

the past is a series of failures. if they were not failures, they would be the present.
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i am culling my friendlist, as i dont look at most of what's on it, and i don't think most of you are reading me back. if you got cut, my apologies.
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concession stand at the whitt..
some fat guy: do you guys only have evian water?
me: fraid so
guy: it's french
me: it's freedom water!
guy: *grumbles and buys it*
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