April 17th, 2003


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i never wanted anything
the way i wanted you that night


hey the other day i finally found out what "a stitch in time saves nine" means. i could never figure it out because i thought it literally meant stitching time in some fashion. but no, 'in time' like 'in the nick of time'. word. i'd been wondering about that for a long time

wednesday i was sitting here feeling antsy. i didn't know what to do but i wanted to get out. lauri suggested i go climbing. there's nowhere good for that nearby that i know of, but i decided to go climb a tree instead. it was very nice, i think i'll do that more often. and a bunch of people went by, it was fun to confuse everyone by saying hi from way over their heads. the tree is right in front of vanessa's window so we talked awhile


i almost had a lucid dream last night, but then i ended up in a video game instead. go figure. jon was in the dream, and he was oddly sentient. i also woke up at 6:30am for unmentioned reasons (i'm stupid) and could not get back to sleep for the life of me. that sucked
tonite i went to the annual passover seder at my aunt's house. you know it just occured to me, after telling people this all day, that i have been referring to it as my aunt's house despite my uncle being there too. and presumably he paid for the thing, so if i was to single either of them out.. hmm. i suppose it's just that she has a much more forceful personality. by which i mean she has the crazy. but that's okay, we all do. it was nice to see everyone. the actual seder was boring and kinda aggravating as always, but the food was good. and there was major debate over iraq. i think i was the least informed person there, i felt kinda inadequate. tho i think i'm doing better than sally, whose entire contribution - which she repeated over and over - was that now that we've taken iraq we should bomb the hell out of syria. my mom said something about that being a nazi sort of idea, which thankfully she did not hear or there would have been xxxtreme death immediately after.

apparenlty the unh operator has me listed as danielle.
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i had a good talk with my advisor today. i was talkin to him about the honors program and grad school and how i have no idea what i want to do after school. he told me, again like last semester, taht honors stuff really doenst make a lot of difference to grad school admissions generally, and his advice for me that i didnt know what i wanted to do is.. when i graduate, spend a year or two driving all around the country doing odd jobs. thats such great advice for me cuz its the opposite of what ive gotten from my parents my entire life, that i need to find My Career and Life Goals and blah blah i have no idea. so he's like, hey drive around and maybe youll find something cool. and ya know, that just sounds perfect
tho i think im doing university honors anyway, cuz i do want to do a thesis thing, i think itd be neat, and if i throw in one more honors gen ed i get it so i may as well. im leaning towards philosophy of art, but i dunno. psychology could be neat too
and i realized last night, if i had wanted to do honors in major, i would be pretty well in the hole at this point. what was teh point of all those trips to the honors office where htey go thru my folder if they never tell me what i need to get done and i should get moving on it. i mean i know its my responsibility, but that was what i was going there for wasnt it? seems like those were some wasted trips

King Nixon (3:36:49 PM): when does the honors sign up start?
GirlFlesh7 (3:36:58 PM): two days ago
King Nixon (3:37:20 PM): HAHA fuck
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