April 22nd, 2003


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ha. i'm reading a story for class about this lady who cheats on her husband, then decides she made a mistake. ha ha.
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i always knew it would one day

okay i wrote a lot of crap here that was, well, crap. so that's all gone. simply enough- last night was pretty terrible. i feel like in general lately my depression is getting worse. i dont really know what to do. every night i end up alone in my room and get sad and it seems to be getting steadily worse. im falling back into serious depression. this is not super. i hope the zoloft does something at all soon

last night at like 1 in the morning jenn came over to visit and give me cupcakes, as she is a wonderful person. we talked for like an hour about random shit, which tends to happen when she's involved. so i felt a little better after that. thanks jenn! i should buy you a creme egg.

anyway, if i am pissy or distracted with any of you, i'm sorry. i'm just sad. probably the best thing you can do for me when i'm upset, if we're talking online or something, is come talk to me or make me go find someone. sitting alone doesn't do me a lot of good. i really can't stand to be/feel isolated
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