April 26th, 2003


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link from J. this is fucking cool

intentionally angering people = awesome. yep.

so yeah i woke up today feeling all sick and ugh. sat around for an hour+, felt better, went to eats, felt fine, came back, felt sick again, sat around more, fine again. oog? maybe this means stuff is kicking in

went yesterday to check out me and kevin's swingin' summer pad. kitty came too. it looks nice. i predict this summer being rad. i hope kevin's a good roommate. i hope i am.

in other news, lyzi is insane..
CityBabe9 (1:01:38 PM): How is your medication going?
King Nixon (1:02:19 PM): so far so neutral. i havent noticed any effects
CityBabe9 (1:02:36 PM): Should you yet?
King Nixon (1:02:47 PM): not neccesarily
CityBabe9 (1:03:28 PM): Oh ok
King Nixon (1:04:00 PM): but i wannnnnnt it to
King Nixon (1:04:04 PM): stupid slow pills
CityBabe9 (1:05:28 PM): Awwwwww
CityBabe9 (1:05:41 PM): I have give you a pill with almost immediate effects lol
King Nixon (1:06:21 PM): you wha?
CityBabe9 (1:07:57 PM): You know
CityBabe9 (1:08:03 PM): I have give you something HAHAHAHAHAHA
King Nixon (1:08:50 PM): unless you slipped me a roofie i have no idea what youre talking about
CityBabe9 (1:09:01 PM): ROOFIES
CityBabe9 (1:09:03 PM): Very good
CityBabe9 (1:09:23 PM): If you gave aguy a roofie could he still get a boner?
King Nixon (1:09:38 PM): i assume so
CityBabe9 (1:09:45 PM): Hmm
CityBabe9 (1:09:49 PM): I need to ask more people
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