April 30th, 2003


give me your coldest shoulder to cry upon

fun fact of the morning: christie has me blocked, on aim. i have no idea why. she probably has for a long while, i havent seen her online in ages and just found out today. she's in my philosophy class, and at the beginning of the semester she was friendly and we talked, and now when class ends she rushes off. hey cool

in other news, i suck.
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i'm the best you'll ever have

i'm gonna try to not be whiney and sad all the time, cuz that doesn't make me feel any better and i can't imagine anyone else is enjoying it. fakehappy is the go go go!
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    Dillinger Escape Plan - - - When Good Dogs Do Bad Things

turn my bones to sand, just to see you

christieface (10:14:39 PM): okay, well.. i just wanted to talk to you.. and im glad that you are understandable.. i would never do that to you or anyone on purpose
christieface (10:14:46 PM): i think you're a good kid

accidents happen. all is well.
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