May 4th, 2003


minifest: success!

vows are spoken
to be broken
feelings are intense
words are trivial

my face is sunburned! and i think my right arm is too, but it doesn't hurt. the best parts of the day were volleyball and keenan's band, but it was all fun

stacie and colleen (and amanda? i cant remember), here is a good list:
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i hate showering with a sunburn. it stings!
"Cold showers? They're for psychotics." -george castansa

haha some random guy just stopped in my doorway. "sweet caroline? sweet, dude. sweet." and he walked away. i do the same thing, but it still always makes me laugh when someone does it to me; and always for the most random songs. i remember freshman year, when whatshername that hot girl in my hall told me she didnt need a stereo cuz she just listened to whatever i was playing
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