June 13th, 2003



i just got off the phone with peta. she's australian and has the cutest accent, it rules. koalas live at her work! wacky foreigners. i was expecting her to have a higher voice for some reason. people never sound like i think they will. it was lots of fun though. and now: bed!
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You will live in Apartment.
You will drive a plaid RV.
You will marry julie and have 5 kids.
You will be a prophet in hawaii.

it wouldn't let me use pi as my favorite number though, so the results may be innacurate. 3.141529

update: if i change my number to 112 (this took a LONG TIME to compute), i get:

You will live in Mansion.
You will drive a blue RV.
You will marry mel and have 1 kids.
You will be a prophet in florida.

sorry jon[2] and jamie[1], i am stealing your women.

Scummder (4:30:20 PM): :o
King Nixon (4:30:58 PM): sorry dude. the game doesnt lie
Scummder (4:31:12 PM): I conceed then, at the behest of playmash.com :-(
King Nixon (4:32:06 PM): you have made the honorable decision, i commend you
King Nixon (4:32:12 PM): you can still make out with her and stuff, i dont mind
Scummder (4:32:15 PM): danke
Scummder (4:32:16 PM): hehe

Puella8 (4:39:30 PM): you were my first marriage, then jonathan
Puella8 (4:39:39 PM): i'm just a baby machine apparently
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