June 19th, 2003

zombie penguin

the king of spain never rushes!

yay catching up on the past week or so..

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okay so i havent read much lj lately. i'm still keeping up on a few people, but not really commenting (though i still respond to what's said to me). so yeah. if something demands my attention, let me know or i may not see it

kevin (12:51:57 AM): you should go LARPing with jon, brian paul, and i
King Nixon (12:54:22 AM): ooh, my nerdism will be complete

i may do this, i dunno yet. mythical journeys. that's the one you did, isnt it mel?

never NEVER accidentaly chew a zoloft. oh my crap i'd rather eat monkeypox.
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    Live - Heaven


this is the acid rock section of the song
all you burned out acid hippies singing along
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    Hot Action Cop - Hot Action Cop - 02 - Goin' Down on it


yay, alex just emailed me. i am now officially a wunh DJ :D
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