June 21st, 2003

alien chest burst


so lyzi's baby shower was today, 1-3:30 in manch. i got home late last night, as detailed in next post, and didnt wake up today til like 1. so i got myself all ready and headed out and got down there at 2ish. as her invitation put it, it was being held in the "Sunset Ridge Function Room ... You pass it on the left on Eastern Ave. when you're coming to the apartment. Very standout. Even you wouldn't miss it. LOL." clearly she underestimated my missing powers, because i drove down eastern ave like 5 times and didn't see no function room. the closest i saw was the rental information center. other than that, it was all apartments. dammit. so i missed the shower. sorry lyzi. she reminded me about it like 10 times. i feel like an ass now.
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It's going to be good. It's going to be fun. It will be at night, there will be no sun.

last night i went down to boston with stephl, for a fun-filled evening. nip was having a party so we hung out there for 4(?) hours. amanda was there, and mark flynn (partying with rockstars! woo my life is hott!), and lots of people i don't know. this kid jason who i swear to god was the evil twin of ralph from t&p and who ate tina burritos and was funny, sal from el salvador, and mark's girlfriend who me and steph spent half the night talking to but neither of us managed to learn her name. oops.
and then we headed off for the show! we were going to a midnight showing of the silent film The Penalty[1] with musical score whipped up and performed by reverend glasseye and his wooden orchestra. we drove around for a half hour before we decided the directions we had were inept and went back to nip's to ask someone how ot get there (predictably, it was practically right down the street), then another 15 minutes or so finding a damn parking spot. but yes, we got there, and it was damn good. the movie was hokey and had some parts that were hilarious (though i was the only one laughing for some of them, so i think i'm just evil), but lon chaney is one creepyass dude. and the reverend played splendidly for an hour and a half.

[1] Lon Chaney turns in an amazing performance in this silent horror film, for which he had to wear an extremely painful harness that kept his legs strapped behind his back. Chaney stars as Blizzard, a double amputee who is out to get revenge on the incompetent doctor who performed the needless amputation on him when he was a child. Now the head of San Francisco's crime syndicate, Blizzard begins his revenge scheme by insinuating himself into the life of the doctor's daughter by serving as her model for a portrait of Satan. Soon, Blizzard's plan encompasses not only humiliating the doctor and his daughter, but also, as he descends into madness, conspiring with the communists on an invasion of the Bay Area. Absurd, frightening, melodramatic, and highly entertaining, THE PENALTY is a high point of 1920s horror.
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holy crap!

Curator Mark Norman of Australia's Melbourne Museum revealed in
January that he had captured and photographed the male of the world's
most sexually unequal species. When the blanket octopus male (2 cm
long) mates with the female (6 feet long), it uses a special extension
arm to transfer sperm from its penis (after which the male dies).
Females, which may weigh 10,000 times as much as the males, are
typically found with several such extension arms lodged inside them.
[The Age (Melbourne), 1-23-03]
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i just said this in a comment in jon's journal. i think it's worth posting here

i hate growing up. i probably enjoyed it as a little kid, honestly i don't really remember, but it sucks. i predict the best part of my life being around 30. sit around the house, play with the kids, wife, friends, and no creeping imminent future. the world scares me; i want to take 5 people i really love and go to a desert island.
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