July 14th, 2003

alien chest burst

omg i was SO AMAZINGLY FUCKING SICK last night.

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i have 2 videos due back at west coast tonight. i wonder if i'll get over there to return them. also, jeff grimes returned my call today; predictably, he ran into ANOTHER problem with buying that house. something about the title. so he says it all depends on his lawyers and the other guy's lawyers now. bahhhh we should probably start looking for somewhere else to live
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    devin townsend - life is all dynamics


i'm pretty sure the zoloft is wearing off. that's not cool. hopefully i just need to increase the dosage or something, and it's not totally gonna be useless now. i have a doctor's appt in 3 weeks, but maybe i'll stop by health services in the meantime
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    verve - bittersweet symphony