August 15th, 2003



i feel so unpopular at work. whenever i work* with katie or beth, they get 23843935 visitors and calls. every so often i'll get a friend coming in, but just to rent something. also, katie has this way of making me feel really incompetent


King Nixon (1:02:20 PM): i'm a bigger nerd than ever, you'll be thrilled to hear. magic cards are coming back in style

considering that every character and event in my dreams is coming right out of my head, a frightening percent of people/situations i encounter in dreamland are hostile

everyone moved out of my house today. i helped them carry stuff out. moving blows. maybe all my stuff will explode and i won't have to bring it to the mansion. but yeah, we got everything out and only broke one thing (shannon's desk, which shattered on the stairs. it was a great desk already, it had nails sticking out of it all over the place). the house is all empty now, which is weird. i dunno if/when the new people are moving in.
good things about having hte place to myself: there's actual room in the fridge. blasting soundgarden "jesus christ pose", which is improved by ultrahigh volumes more than just about any song i know.
bad things: no furniture. no people. i wonder if beth is home next door; i'll go see when i get outta the shower

speaking of which, i am confused on a point of hygiene:
a) if you wash yourself too often, you kill off the germs too much and do not build up the proper immunity (i don't know if this is true of everyone, but i've been told this about children). you get sick from germs.
b) if you don't wash yourself often enough, you get filthy. you get sick from germs.
so i guess my question is, why is it unhealthy to be dirty? does it take the really strong bugs longer to build up or something? why don't we all wallow in filth all day and build up our immunities even more so we get even less sick? (i'm assuming that there is more to this than just not wanting to be smelly).

so, uhm.. what's up with this?
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oh yeah, so last weekend i drove to franconia for jenn's surprise birthday party. it was soo fun! the only other person i knew there was nate (and it would probably be more accurate to say i knew of nate; i don't think we'd ever talked before), but her friends were all cool. and her family was super kooky. and her house ruled.
at the party they had these crazy fruit candle things. so we spent awhile doing this:
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then awhile doing this. then we just started mutilating it and putting random crap in it and making a mess. then nate caught his hair on fire, which was amazing.

you know that M&M Antiques store on the way to the lee traffic circle? last time i went past them their sign said:
what's up with that?

check out who's been hangin out in MY bed:
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note: those movie files only work if you rightclick them and hit 'save target as' and download them. if you just click them normal, tripod will yell at you. if you're on a mac or not using explorer, than.. i dunno.
okay apparently even then it doesn't work for some people. i have no idea.
nevermind all that

ps: yes i was shooting a little movie while driving. i also took some pictures. i am not a traffic hazard.
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