September 24th, 2003



we got a mysterious call yesterday. me and desiree answered at the same time and the caller wouldnt talk. i *69ed and it's a campus #. every time we call, they pick up and hang up. i dont suppose you know a 5-3005?

in more ridiculous news, i won a pair of tickets to nickelback, from rock101. november 2nd in lowell. who's in? or alternately, perhaps i will sell them on ebay, as andy suggested. that's looking pretty likely right now

OMG cutest thing of life = lyzi's babychild

apparently back in hte day in jewish communities, all the menfolk learned hebrew and the womenfolk learned yiddish.

the horror channel! we'd best be getting this
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WILD MOOD SWINGS YAY. i should chart my mood graphically over the course of a day. it would look like some demented sound wave.

hmm. i wonder what it would sound like to make a sound wave that fits over a mood chart. i certainly am not equipped to do anything that fancy, but i'm curious how that would turn out.

so far, two people have told me that the mysterious phonecall we got last night came from their number. anyone else want to jump on the bandwagon?
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