October 27th, 2003


news of note

i can't remember where i first read about this, so it may be common knowledge already, but for those who don't know yet-- the gay episcopal bishop who was elected by nh is going to be ordained in the whitt. whcih means we will be inundated with a) episcopalians b) news people c) people protesting the ordination d) people protesting the protestors e) the curious. this is gonna be great.

i am not exactly sure what chapstick does to lips (aside from the obvious of keep them from chapping). i have this idea in my head that it moistens them in some fashion, but this does not match up with my experience. it feels more like it's pickling them

i am stupid and lost 4 screennames that had recently been added to my buddylist. if you were recently so added, please inform me in case it was you.

i had a weird dream last night. something about aliens or other dimensions or something. destructive invasion. mary bethany ashley and dave. a type of onion that is shaped like celery and tastes like steak. video games. board games.

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Poll #197117 drive side

say you're driving along the road, and you come to a cop car stopped in the middle of your lane, with thier lights flashing. they are talking to someone they have apparently pulled over, and do not appear to have noticed you. to get past them you will have to go into the oncoming traffic lane. it is around 3am and there is no traffic to speak of in either direction. what do you do?

drive around them
wait for them to notice you and wave you on
other (say in a comment)

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