December 7th, 2003



I JUST HAD LIKE NINE HEART ATTACKS. the fire alarms here are soooooooooo incredibly loud and shrill. we don't know exactly what set them off, there doesn't seem to be anything on fire or smoking or whatever. the house has been searched. dunno. that was ridiculous.
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TWENTY PAGES. i bet it sucks, i'm printing it now and i'm gonna read it and then SLEEP and then get up tomorrow and write more things grr school! but yeah it's long. i've never written something more than 14 pgs before. i am excited. i hope it's good. here, i will post it:

ps: i missed midnight graveyard sledding tonight to finish this damn thing. that blows. i havent seen beth in forever. that also blows. soon we will have adventures.
mega man pirouette

aaaaaaaand i rule

hahaha. here is the email i just sent alex, with my story attached:
yay zombies! so i got sick of being bogged down in my stupid god story that is going in inscrutible circles, and decided to revise this one first, since hte revision was more straightforward for this one, seeing as i just needed to insert The Plot into my nice world. or so i thought, somehow it came out SO LONG. i have never written a story this long, i am excited. lots of words! my prior record was 14 pages.
i'm not sure what i think of it now, though. i forget who, but someone said in their response that this was an idea driven story. that's true-- all my stories are, i think, but some of the ideas happen to require characters/plots to a greater extent so that gets worked in. i think i'd almost rather cut character and plot out of this one entirely and have it be a short-ish summary of the world situation as this is all going on, like it was approaching in the 2nd part of 1st draft. on the other hand, that might turn out to suck. i dont know. a lot of the new parts and the old parts repeat each other and are in different tones. i tried rearranging things and cutting things up, but i think the old parts might have to end up getting chucked. which is a shame, cuz writingwise, i like them a lot more than the new stuff, especially the end. (speaking of which, in teh end, does that make any sense? i left it as it was in the 1st draft, intercutting the dead with the living, and no one seemed to hav a problem with it in class, but i know my pronouns are terribly confused in there. i don't know how to make it more legible without sounding really goofy)
and i still dont' have a handle on the narrator's voice, or when he is telling this from. soemtimes it seems to be right after, barely in past tense, and then soemtimes he seems to be looking back and reflecting on it (and for a short time, the ending was in present tense). it's confusing, this writing thing.
so i'm x hours past the deadline you'd given me- shockingly. but anyway, it ends well now; i did not expect it to just keep going like that. 90% of this came out in 2 days, and most of that in quick spurts before i would spend another hour or two pecking out a few words.
i wrote a 6 pg story in an hour, once. it needed a ton of editting, of course, and never did entirely make sense, but i was amased that i had done that. it just poured out. that's what this was like, when i was on. i need to figure out how ot turn myself on (haha, not the phrase i was looking for) more reliably. and then make sense of what came out.
okay, i'm babbling. time to sleep, and then write more things in the morning (by which i mean noon).
see you monday!

haha, i hope my story makes more sense than this email. sleeeeeptime

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MOTHERFUCK TRIPOD DELETED MY ACCOUNT!!! goddammit. all my stuff is gone. fuckers.
so yeah, any posts that had pics in em. nope. okay now i'm using
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