December 9th, 2003



lauri is back!!!

so the phone rang tonight. i answer it, and this girl starts talkin to me. she sounded like somoene i could know, but i was drawing a blank, so i was talkin to her and hoped i would be able to figure out who it was. i walk into kevin's room and mouth "i have no idea who i'm talking to", he starts listening on his phone and it was his friend hannah. so he said hi and she got confused and i fell down laughing

kate gave me the bleu cd today. it's rad. it's hte old version though, without "get up" on it, so if someone feels the burning need to download that and send it to me, i won't complain. same goes for electric 6.

went to about an hour of the debate tonight (watchin from the mub) and it was about as vapid as i was expecting. they all ignored the questions they were asked and used their time to rant about whatever their pet issues were. seems to me if you're going to call it a debate, they should actually DEBATE stuff. not these 30 second soundbites about stupid shit like endorsements

i hung out with jo last night. it was fun! first time ive seen her in ages. her new guy seems really cool too. so good on them

now people are coming over!
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