December 12th, 2003


dan, you are mysteriously wonderfully wonderful -steve

why me and lauri are the coolest/smartest/have-our-full-compliment-of-brain-cells people ever: last night we amused ourselves for awhile by being zapped by her dog's electric-fence collar thingy. it beeps and tingles and wallops. good clean fun. whenever it went off we'd drop it in the snow.
and we went to the mall and didn't buy things and went to bickfords and weren't allowed in her house and good times. saturday: christgiving!

today is jobhunting friday! and then it is go-to-alabaster-blue-show-and-then-do-radio friday!
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for all of you who have been waiting in the wings- you no longer need a code to get a livejournal. rock that shit.