December 23rd, 2003

zombie penguin

self improvement II: electric boogaloo

so, in continuing my efforts, i have a new request to make of you all. i am overly argumentative and rational, and wish to fix this. but i'm not sure how. i argue things and question things when there is no point to it, and it just irritates people[1]. on the other hand, i don't want to accept everything passively- i question because i want to UNDERSTAND. philosophers do not make friends. so i guess the moral of all this is: tell me if i'm being an asshat.

[1] not that i am just realizing this now, but it is just sinking in how it can affect people. i still think it's a basically good instinct; this will be a balancing act. amusingly enough, the catalyst of this was me rereading sphere saturday night. michael crichton makes me a better person.
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