December 27th, 2003


Tygr28 (11:07:58 PM): is the opposite of <3 .. >3?

i am currently invited to 3 different newyears parties. oh decisions! local yokels, what are you all doing for newyears?

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someone i don't know IMed me this link and then signed off. so thank you, inallthisburning, whoever you are *wants!!*
on a similar note, i have just discovered that i am able to access the OED site from off-campus through the unh library site. eee! linguisticdorkjoy!

why are some laws sancrosect? i have no problem speeding if the speed limit is foolishly low, but i will sit at a red light at 3am with no one else anywhere around waiting for it to turn green. is there any difference? i can't think of one

do any of you smartys know what the little bits in citrus fruit are called? like, the itty little pods that contain the juice, is there a word for those? pulp?

a word of advice: don't put your website on your business card until you actually HAVE a website

spam i got today: "Great CHRSITMAS SLAES on CEHAP s0ftwares! Discounts is UP TO 80%!" YEAH SIGN ME UP!! i do enjoy their misspelling of sales though, it looks more like slaves

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update on minor bodily woes

i was not sleepy last night. ever. seriously, i didn't go to bed til almost 6am and i still wasn't tired, but i figured i really should sleep. which i did. til around 11 when i woke up and lay there for awhile and then got up. now i am tired but still not sleepy. whatever. my nose meanwhile is no longer (so) drippy, which is good, and it's not even all clogged up like usually happens after, but it's constantly slightly sneezy ticklish. woo.
kevin is home. his parents are watching the patriots game,whcih marks the 1st time sports has been viewed in the mansion. here is how smrt i am:
mrs rockwell: we're going to stay awhile and watch the patriots game
me: oh i don't think i ever saw that one. that's one of those harrison ford tom clancy movies, right?
mrs rockwell: ummm, no, the patriots?
kevin: that was patriot games
me: *is smart*
his very hyper dog is here too, running around snuffling at things
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