January 3rd, 2004



so i just had the most useless day imaginable. i played diablo II for like 6 hours, cleaned out my inbox, and spent the past 4 hours reading snopes. amazing! at least kevin and julie brought me shopping with them, so i did SOMEthing. this has really been the most useless break ever. i shoudl start going out more. you're all on alert, dan is coming to town. HOLLA!
anyway, in my snopes perusal, here's the best story i found: airport man. it's nice to be reminded sometimes that life is actually as weird as i imagine
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4pm is a good time to get up. bright and early. crack of dawn dan, you should call me.
and now, mansion family fieldtrip to beautiful downtown dovahhhh and then 28 days later. WOO.
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