January 26th, 2004

zombie penguin


zombiedan will eat your branez

family guy: the movie

working at holloway: day the first.
as shit jobs go, it wasn't bad. i spent most of hte night unloading trays from the big revolving wall thing, and sorting all the shit on them, and woo. OMG YOU PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING. i thought i ate weird food, i don't even KNOW what some of the stuff that came through was. there was a bowl that was mostly full of pepper, held in place by some weird paste stuff. hummus maybe. but it was creepy, whatever it was. and so much wasted food!!! holy shit. it was kinda depressing seeing all that come through. but at least it goes to some use- we had like 6 full trash bins of compost at the end of the night.
the job was not actual dishwashing, as i had feared. i wasn't really looking forward to hours of scrubbing goo off of things. but they have giant scary machines that do the actual washing, the people mostly just have to move things from here to there, adn put these in this bin and those in that bin. so whatever. and hte people seem cool. there's this kinda doddering lady in her late 40s who babbles constantly and stutters and doesn't make a lot of sense but she seems sweet, and a surly hispanic guy, and a very old guy who wears huge earmuffs (not hte fluffy kind, the industrial noise-blocking kind) and talks in a monotone and i'm pretty sure is a little senile, and these 3 goofy silly LOUD guys who yelled at each other and made weird noises and bad jokes all night. after a tray came in with bent up silverware on it, they talked in mickey mouse voices for like 15 minutes about how they're on steroids and love breaking things. haha.
it's hella loud in there though; i think i'm gonna buy one of those dollar radio things and just rock out all day. it's hardly a job that requires intense concentration. so that'll be neat.
ps: you should work there. do it!
extra bonus detail! i forgot to mention this-- we have a river of filth. it's amazing. all the compost-type-waste gets dropped into this stream of running water which pumps all the crud into.. something. i actually have no idea how it got from there to the garbage bins it was in later. but yeah, the water was usually a vague pinkish color, which baffles me. and it's funny to see all these strange things go sailing by, like whole muffins and banana peels (bananas are apparently quite popular at this school). also, every so often someone (for example, me) would drop a dish or something into the stream and it woudl go sailing off into god knows what. for some foolish reason, it's designed so anything that gets dropped in basically disapears into the bowels of the machine sheer moments later. so hopefully our compost didn't have shards of plate in it or anything. but yeah. river of filth. i just wanted to mention it. the stream is surprisingly powerful for its size.

so okay. i got a ticket tonight. the cop literally took over 25 minutes to write up the ticket/call headquarters/read livejournal/eat bagels/whatever the fuck it is they do after they get your info. then he gives me all the shit and i drive away. a minute later he pulls me over AGAIN because he forgot to keep a copy of the ticket so he asks for the packet thingy and i hand it to him and he walks back to his car. i drive off and he pulls me over AGAIN because officer extremely-on-top-of-things forgot to give me back my copy. EHGIWEHFEWLIFHEIUFWEHILFWKUENKLEKJLFEWLKJFGKWJEFGIUEF:LIEWJKFKUWEFL!!!!!LKJ!LKJ!HJ!HR:LIHF@KULI!HJ!!KJEATBABIESHATEHATEHATEHATEHATEHATE!!!!!!!
so that was minorly irritating.
also, i'm pretty sure i dropped my work hat in B lot. i can't wait to show up for my 2nd day of work tuesday and ask for a new one.
at least i made 50 bucks today. and a free meal. god that was a good meal. i heart going on break.
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haha, yay

my phil teacher, on friday, was writing on the whiteboard, and discovered when he tried to erase that the package of dry erase markers he had been given was actually full of permanent markers.
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i believe i will be working tuesdays 6-close at the brick oven pizza area of holloway. so you should all come eat my wares.
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