January 28th, 2004


today is amazing

[if you only want the best part of my day, skip to the last paragraph]
oh man. so let's see.. my conclusions so far in my phil classes is that i am smarter than plato and aristotle, both of whom have good ideas which they then extend into completely useless idealisations.
i ran into aly after class and we got lunch and had a wonderful conversation about politics and sex and circumcision ("you should be a rabbi because you are a very good listener" -aly). good times. and she bought me a burrito and a brownie! woo. i eat 7 layer burritos all the time now. and we're gonna start fiction slut club back up. i also saw nastassia when i was driving home and gave her a ride to the gables and we caught up a bit. so yeah, 2 people i haven't seen at all this semester, awesome.
i had another conversation with one of those larouche kids. this one went much better though, because the girl was actually responding to what i said rather than blabbering on about the same things over and over. i still don't understand the point they are trying to make though- instead of the quadratic formula, she was running me through geometry exercises (like, how do you fold a square so that you get a new square of exactly half the area, without using any math?). apparently they think that if people figure out math on their own isntead of just learning formulas, they will magically become brilliant rational leaders. or something. i really don't get it. she was really fun to talk to though, i was sad i had to go, but ihad an appointment--
--with the unh student attorney! i got my court date in the mail for that yellow line violation, and she'd said to come see her when i got that. she's gonna help me out cuz she agrees it's a stupid charge. haha there was a mistake on my summons thingy, it said i was supposed to go to "offsite courtroom 1". i asked her where that is and she was like wtf that doesn't exist. so she called someone or other, and apparently whoever wrote that up hit the wrong button in their program. that plus my ticket of fun [oh, update!! the cop filled out my ticket wrong. he had down teh speed limit as 30 when it was 35, and he wrote hte RSA in the 'other' section for no apparent reason. that plus all his ditziness at the time lead me to conclude his mind was very much elsewhere] the other night has given me a great newfound confidence in the immense carelessness of our civil servants. i was looking up laws and cases and whatnot last night and i really think legally there is no way i should have to pay that ticket. on the other hand, as the attorney lady pointed out to me today, the judge most likely will not give a crap what i have to say and will dismiss me as someone trying to weasel out of a ticket. to be fair, that is pretty much what i'm doing, but i am doing it because i honestly do think the traffic laws and their enforcement are deeply flawed. if i just wanted to get out of the ticket, i could be like "yo this cop was clearly out of it and did stuff wrong" but i want to protest the enforcement itself
and now: the funniest thing that has happened to me lately. i had an incredible flying death spill today, getting off the bus in A lot. i think i broke all my bones. it was amazing. my feet went completely out from under me and i landed flat on my back on hte bus steps, BOUNCED, and ended up dazed in the snow. it happened so fast i had no idea what was going on. everyone else (there were soo many people around. of course) was like holy shit are you ok?, and i was just laughing. it was like something from jackass. it hurt like fuck but it was so funny, i seriously was laughing most of the way home
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