February 5th, 2004


when your IQ hits 90, sell.

i have somehow developed the habit of plucking hairs from my beard. time to shave it off!

health coffee?


too fucking cute

saint vincent and the grenadines! my favorite country name, cuz it sounds like a rock band

french erotic film
the lyrics: http://www.stlyrics.com/songs/o/omehenk4399/opblaaskrokodil204220.html
the band! http://www.omehenk.nl

i live with her!
"my name is julie and i like to eat.  and read.  and eat books and read food.  and that is all i do. oh, and i like to poop, too."

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King Nixon (2:22:37 AM): best spam subjectline ever: "Fire your boss, with eBay!"
ardentdelerium (2:22:44 AM): LOLOLOL
King Nixon (2:24:10 AM): i want to do that now! i wonder how it works
ardentdelerium (2:24:30 AM): open the emal?
ardentdelerium (2:24:33 AM): email even
King Nixon (2:25:15 AM): i did, it had nothing to do with ebay
King Nixon (2:25:30 AM): although it informed me that my package had been shipped via fedex and my tracking number was: M
ardentdelerium (2:25:50 AM): M?!?!?! M?!??! M ISNT A NUMBER
King Nixon (2:26:10 AM): well, seeing as i didn't order any packages, i guess it's appropriate
ardentdelerium (2:26:18 AM): sexy.

spam (a different one):
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