April 7th, 2004


Show you've a soul by crying

lamest (albeit needed) birthday present ever: a new electric toothbrush head

King Nixon (11:11:35 PM): today, at work, they made me arrange all the salt and pepper shakers in the big room. they had to all be paired, all the salt shakers had to face towards panache and all the pepper towards the street
Tygr28 (11:11:46 PM): wtf
King Nixon (11:11:52 PM): i have never in my life done anything so useless
Tygr28 (11:12:41 PM): that is incredible
Tygr28 (11:12:46 PM): who thinks that stuff up?
King Nixon (11:12:51 PM): david may, apparently
Tygr28 (11:12:55 PM): awesome
Tygr28 (11:13:00 PM): i should napkin note that
King Nixon (11:13:22 PM): me: who the hell cares about that?
boss lady: david may. he likes them to all be organized when he comes in in the morning
King Nixon (11:13:23 PM): hahaha go for it
Tygr28 (11:13:29 PM): hahaha oh man
Tygr28 (11:13:37 PM): does it upset his chi or something?
King Nixon (11:13:43 PM): "i noticed today that many of the salt/pepper pairs were off-center. this completely ruined my dining experience"
Tygr28 (11:13:49 PM): "the fung shui of these condiments is all wrong!"
King Nixon (11:13:53 PM): hahaha he is feng shueing holloway
Tygr28 (11:14:07 PM): JINX!
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oh yeah


papa ginos in portsmouth[1]
it's a fundraiser night, so 20% of sales go to american diabetes association (if you have a copy of the certificate. i will bring a shitload of copies.) and there are raffles and door prizes!


my for reals birthday
7pm in granite state room
get (free for students) ticket at mub ticket office

[1] go down 4E to the traffic circle (not hte lee circle, the next one) with the bickfords right off it. take the exit that's before the bickfords one, i think it's hte exit straight across the circle. go down that for a bit and papa ginos is on your right, in a stripmall by a wendys
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pink eye


writing big takehome test paper thing due at 2pm. falling asleep in my chair. decide to take 1 hour nap. set alarm for 8. turn on alarm. go to sleep. wake up at 10:45. find that alarm is now turned off AND set for 9. kill self.
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