April 12th, 2004


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is there a good place to bring one-sided paper? because i have a metric fuckton of it, and i don't really have plans to print a metric fuckton of stuff in the near future

i tried talking to smarterchild yesterday and it just pissed me off. stupid smartass aimbot

also yesterday, i was seized by a sudden urge to clean. it didn't last very long. i would say i cleaned a square of my room approx 2'x2', between my desk and my printer. the sad part is, i feel accomplished for having done this. also note that by clean, i don't mean put in any nice order, or got all the crap off the floor, or even stuck in random piles. i mean i removed the stuff that has been sitting there since last semester that i don't need. maybe i'll do more today.

wow, download this: dotSPF - plunderful

how to recognize a stroke

up up down down left right left right B A start
just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart

-moldy peaches
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head explody

aghhhhhhhhhalkvelwkfe taking a pill just now, and it started like dissolving on my tongue and was disgusting and i snorted just as i was drinking the water and swallowing and some of it went up the back of my nose and it fucking burns and ahhhh that sucked i hate pills sometimes. once i was sick and took 2 tylenol or something for a headache, and then like an hour later i started coughing and coughed up one of the pills

i'm glad i don't take heroin or cocaine or whatever it is you're supposed to snort up your nose. that shit hurts.

UPDATE: okay a half hr later, the pill in question just birthed itself from the whatchacallit in the back of your mouth that goes up to your nose. it was like lodged in there. that was an incredibly odd sensation. i keep swallowing now cuz it feels prodded. how could i not feel an entire pill lodged in my mouth?
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