April 28th, 2004


skankasaurus sex

http://www.tinadawn.com i went to high school with this girl. this is so weird

society causes rape

crazy person asks a question. and my response

WE HAVE A MOUSE. kevin spotted it the other day in the cabinet before it ran off and disapeared and there's mouse poop all over the bottom shelf (where my food was happily stored) and chewed open packets of oatmeal and sesame sunflower seed husks all over the place and grosscore. stupid mouse.
now don't get me wrong, i like mice. they're very cute and seem nice. but i like them a lot less than i don't like mouse poop, especially on my food.

it's funny- i had no problem getting along while my computer was down for a few days. but once it's running again, i lose my net connection and i'm like ahhh what do i doooo
also: sunday night i was up til like 8am looking at stupid shit online. monday night we lost the internet and i went to bed quite early. tonight it is 6am and look i'm still up. clearly society is to blame. oh well, another night of accomplishing nothing (though i did read through a lot of amazing garbage. god bless ljdrama.org). haha i shouldve done this tomorrow night, i have to be on campus at 8am thrusday anyway. NO REST FOR THE WICKED STUPID
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