May 3rd, 2004

fried chicken head


i did relay for life saturday/sunday. it's this fundraiser thing for cancer research, and it goes for 24 hrs. basically each team gets people to donate, and then on teh big day(s) someone from the team has to be walking aroudn the 1/4mile track for the whole 24 hours. we switch off. but a bunch of us just ended up being awake all 24 hours, hanging out and such. it was reallyreally fun. everyone was there. we had a journey lap at 3am (playing journey really loudly on a shitty boombox while we all went around a few times). at 4am the stompin charlies played. now granted, they are an awful band, but it was very fun. they played and she goes 3 times, and covered the lazardos, and jeff played some songs with them, and they kept screwing up and having to start songs over. and it was at 4am and they were super loud so they woke up a bunch of people (in the field the track goes around, teams set up tents and stuff and everyone was lying around). they played for an hour, then they were packing up when some cops appeared to inform them they had to stop playing cuz there had been some noise complaints.
cop: do you know what time it is??
kid: (checks his watch) 5:03am
cop: don't mouth off to me
then the cop asked why they were playing at 4am and they said because someone at unh had booked them to do so, and "it's for cancer so it's all good", and the cop was like jhvherfhehljvjev and then he told the dj (who, despite being really shitty, had been playing the entire time til 4am without disturbing anyone's sleep) that he had to wait an hour before he started back up so people can get some (1 hour?) sleep.
in all 72,000 cash money was raised, which is more than twice what the organizers had been hoping for. as emmy put it, "we were the most obnoxious, sleep deprived, amazing team there".

but yeah, i was up from 10am saturday - 2pm sunday, and then slept til 7am today. i woke up around midnight, then around 4am, and both times i was like 'man i slept for a long time, i should get up now' then i fell asleep again. i am soooooo woozy right now, i seriously feel really out of it. i had serious trouble walking down the hall. if i still feel like this in a few hours i may have to skip class, i honestly dont trust myself to drive right now

i had the most bizarrely layered dream. i wil try to get this all in order, but it probably will not work because it really made no sense. my dreams never make sense. they're so great though
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i had pizza for breakfast today. desiree brought home piza from work but it's like weird pizza. it isnt cut into pieces at all so i had to saw off a slice. and there's lke weird cheeseless patches

King Nixon (8:28:55 AM): is there pizza out on the counter or did i dream that? i am so out of it right nwo
with forevers (8:29:35 AM): there is pizza, but it's defected
King Nixon (8:29:43 AM): okay good that really happened
King Nixon (8:29:46 AM): i coudlnt remember

me and jeff played the most useless game ever (with assistance from colleen, and jeering from her and casey).. you name a band, then the other person uses the end of that name to name another band, and see how long it can go.. we came up with:
green days of the new orduran duranti flag of democrazy town of pusseasy-e town concreaten by rats the drive in my time of dyin cold blood for blood brothursa minor threaty and the cruiserzeek a mouse of painal cunts and bananaramatch box twenteen idillinger escape plan a projets to brazillionair suppliars
and then our heads fell off

the end!!!
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pink eye

i've got those happy feet. give them a low-down beat and they begin dancing.

oh yeah and i have blisters on my feet. turns out that walking for an hour on a track barefoot does not callouse your feet, as i was expecting, so much as tenderize them. so then i couldn't walk for awhile. then i put on shoes and walked more and it wasn't swell but it wasnt bad. then i put eventually put on socks and that was better.

i hate socks cuz they make my feet all sweaty adn disgusting, but i hate shoes without socks because theyre uncomfortabel and smelly and gross. and now barefoot is no good either. clearly, my only option is to learn levitation.
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hamster dance

"you know, on the show this wasn't that funny, but on a record it doesn't even make sense!"

dear construction crew,
who decided noon on a monday would be a good time to stop traffic on central ave and blow shit up? while this was admittedly pretty cool to watch, you are still stupid.
cordially yours,

dear dan,
good job spilling coffee in your lap this afternoon. at least it wasn't too hot.
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