May 11th, 2004


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i had a doctor's appt yesterday, at health services. i couldnt remember if it was at 3:30 or 4, so i called at noon before class, forgetting that janet (nurse lady) is at lunch 12-1. at 1 i had to write my paper for my next class (only 10 minutes late!), so when i got out of class at 3 i called again. the appt was at 1:30. oops. rescheduled. even if i'd caught her at noon before she left, i couldnt have gone in anyway cuz i had that paper to finish
had dinner with alicia and heidi. that was fun. had my last fencing club meeting ever, which was sad. had the midnight theatersports show, which was fun, adn the cop who came to bust it up was a big asshole and shoved me and heron, which probably is technically illegal

instead of "oh snap" i now say "oh snapple"

Tadonnen (1:30:00 AM): i have an overdeveloped sense of obligation.
King Nixon (1:33:36 AM): i do too. which i suppose is a good thing cuz i think soemtimes that's all that makes me care about alot of my friends. which isnt to say anything bad about them, just that theyre not in my heart so much as in my head
Tadonnen (1:33:57 AM): /nods.

what? i went to bed last night around 2. i thought i set my alarm for 10 (i have work at 11) but then i woke up a little past 11, oops. my alarm was set for 10:30, and still on, so i dunno what happened there. so i got up, was still really tired, figured i'd be getting to work super late anyway at this point, and went back to bed. slept til 3:30. i don't know why i was so tired.

i had some fucked up dreams too. Collapse )

and now i go to work, come home around 10ish, and do my takehome ling final
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