May 19th, 2004


if heaven is on the way, we'll wrap the world around it

things found inside of people
i recommend this with reservations. it's a creative nonfiction essay thing. it's rather odd, very good, and weirded me out. i feel bothered now, i'm not precisely sure why. so, read it at your peril. it is good though.
edit: it has been brought to my attention that i was being weirded out by a few different things around then, so it was probably just a mood i was in. this is still odd though. and still good.
also- one thing i was wondering while i was reading it, would it make any difference if that was fiction? would it change anything? this may only be of interest to writers who have encountered this issue before

silly stuff happened today and yesterday. but i am not in a silly mood now so i will write it up tomorrow perhaps

any of you peoples who are moving away, be it hereby known that you do so in direct violation of my will. also: <3

the word family originally comes from the latin famulus, which means servant or slave.
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