May 27th, 2004



genetic super-muscles! okay so the link isn't actually all that interesting, but i'm thinking about it now- is there anything wrong with genetically enhanced athletes? or athletes taking steroids, for that matter? "Sports officials said the gene therapy has the potential of betraying the very essence of sport — athletes using their natural talents and training to compete." it seems to me that this could only benefit the essence of sports. as long as natural talent is so important, it's basically a crapshoot. i could be king of the NBA if i was 10 feet tall, but so what? so if anyone who wants to can be just as strong as governor arnold, then the training and the effort put into really enhancing skill and prowess will become that much more important. if you want to be a good athlete, you will have to work at it, and genes won't count for a damn. excuse me, my egalitarian ideals are showing.
(this would be a kindof reverse "harrison bergeron" i suppose)
(and yes i am aware that training and effort are still now vital to being a top athlete. i'm not discounting that effort, i'm just saying that this could remove any natural headstarts people get)
i'm not really worried about us becoming a world of aryan nazi supermen, or whatever, because everyone's ideal of the perfect person differs. parents would have different ideas of what they want their kids to be like, and people would presumably be able to change themselves later on if they wanted to. i don't see how a general increase in health, fitness, and (presumably at some point) intelligence would hurt anything. maybe more interesting things will be modified as well-- a generation of supercreative people would certainly be fun

King Nixon (6:00:32 PM): in nh, 13 year old girls can get married with parental consent
segway kid sucks (6:02:26 PM): wtf
segway kid sucks (6:02:28 PM): ew
King Nixon (6:06:46 PM): so i'm off to the junior high to find me a wife
segway kid sucks (6:07:08 PM): woohoo!
segway kid sucks (6:07:54 PM): HOTTXXX8THGRADERSS!!!111
King Nixon (6:08:38 PM): yeah! maybe i'll look online too! to go some young teen chat rooms and be like hey ladies, got any hott n00dz?
segway kid sucks (6:09:16 PM): hahaah
segway kid sucks (6:09:45 PM): and they will be like wtf we dont have n00dz but we do play snood
segway kid sucks (6:10:11 PM): i aint tryin' be ruuude
segway kid sucks (6:10:20 PM): but you's outta line d000d
segway kid sucks (6:10:28 PM): change that attit00d
King Nixon (6:10:32 PM): HAHAHAHAHHAHA
segway kid sucks (6:10:34 PM): omg i'm boredd
segway kid sucks (6:10:38 PM): :-)
King Nixon (6:13:11 PM):

green eggs and ham was written using only 50 words

If you move a meeting forward, what would you call it? How does "prepone" (an opposite of postpone) sound? The word makes perfect sense and fills a need. It's listed in many dictionaries including the OED (Oxford English Dictionary). But for some reason it has not caught on outside India where it happens to be an everyday word. I wonder why.
Necessity is the mother of invention, they say, and that's one of the ways new words are coined in the language. In fact, all words are coined words. Someone used them for the first time, in writing or speech, and thus gave birth to them.

"i don't practice what i preach because i am not the kind of man i am preaching to" -j.r. "bob" dobbes

"Don't let your social and filial relations unwillingly be scarified through the use of the Internet and online friendships." -Iran Police Warn Against 'Dangerous Sharks' of Internet; Tehran Times (Iran); Apr 26, 2004.

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