June 22nd, 2004


but i'm really just a sensitive artist

Ilka body has a body, ne'er a ane hae I;
But a' the lads they loe me, and what the waur am I.

-robert burns
i don't actually like robert burns. mostly his poems don't say anything, and they are not saying it in an incomprehensible (to me) dialect. that bit is pretty though

HAHAHAHAH i just got a spam with the subject "Escaping-offshore---We'll-show-you-how-to-move-abroad-and-sever-ties-with-your-country-of-origin"! i wanna do that
(ok that happened a few days ago, i never got around to posting it)

i am reading catcher in the rye finally. i never read it back in school like apparently everyone else in the world did, and it's been on my personal reading list for basically forever. and i'm just now getting to it. i'm about halfway thru so far, and i like it a lot. other people's comments on it have been pretty evenly split so far- no one thinks it is bad or anything, but a lot of peopel were bored by it, whcih i can see. Collapse ) but yeah. perhaps i'll read it again and see what perspective i get. it's a quick read, i got thru in 2 days, and it got me thinking

2 of colleen's freinds IMed me tonight, mildly drunk. it was a very strange conversation, but they seemed nice see next post
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