June 23rd, 2004

a winner is you

the magic of the internet

okayyyy so colleen's friends i mentioned last night turn out to be friends with an entirely different colleen, who desiree and kevin know but i don't. why she had my screen name is a mystery, but these girls ganked it because one of them knows someone obsessed with nixon. or something like that.
long story short, i was being double e-stalked and now i have made a new friend. hooray!

ps my computer has some fucking popup virus thing and it won't go away
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instant pleasure

so mad decreed quite awhile ago that, when singing, i sound just like rufus wainwright. this despite her never having heard me at all, let alone heard me singing (as far as i remember). nonetheless, as per her long-standing request, i am somewhat proud to present:

instant pleasure
just ignore my voice's constantly going out of key, and that stupid buzzing noise behind the solo that i can't seem to get rid of

instant pleasure (stupid mix)
here i threw some pre-echo on the vocals. it somewhat masks me going offkey, and in a few parts sound kinda cool. mostly though, it sounds dumb. ah well. i also changed the timing of the solo a little, i'm not sure which way i prefer it.

instant pleasure
here's the original, in case you've never heard it. it's really really good.

next project, assuming i bother: death clock!
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