July 6th, 2004

pink eye

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not real often (thankfully), but every so often i will find myself reading online movie reivews (from imdb or whatever) for hours at a time. last night was far adn away the winner though. i was sitting here reading reviews for around TWELVE STRAIGHT HOURS. that is kinda frightening. i wasn't even bored, eventually i just realized how incredibly absurd that was and went to bed (at noon). i love reading about the tiny details of plot and movement and image; they are so fascinating like that, entirely stripped of context and reasoning. of course htere's a lot of other garbage in reviews, but i mostly just skim them for scenes i can let my mind play out. i think i would really rather read a plot outline than a written story.
even so though, i don't know how i can get so caught up in it for hours on end. it's like channel surfing, i suppose: no longterm thought or effort required, just wonderful strangenesses and words, one after the other. i was kindof aware that a ludicrous amount of time was passing, but i didn't really feel like i'd been sitting there for so long, regardless. and then i set my alarm for 3:30 and went to sleep.
also: a surprising number of the reviews ended up veering off into existential discussions of one thing or another, which is always fun
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