July 25th, 2004



yesterday ruled. went with casie and kevin to friendlys where much fribble was drank. small children gave her the evil eye, me and kevin constructed a superstraw, and we were all uncomfortably full afterwards.
last night was a 90s party at steph's, down in allston. as was repeatedly pointed out by casie, the 90s are not yet so far away that we should be feeling especially nostalgic for them. but nonetheless. after getting lost and then calling steph for help and then getting lost again, and then parking and walking the wrong way down the wrong street, we magically found the place.
i had such a good time, in my bush tshirt and (newly bought at goodwill) flannel. people repeatedly pointed out that my normal wardrobe is pretty 90s anyway, which is true. i used to have a cool flannel shirt/jacket thingy that i got passed down from renny, but i don't know where it went. steph's apartment is even less suited to parties than mine, if you can imagine. it was mostly a long narrow hallway that people would try to move back and forth in, essentially grinding each other to get past. most of the night i spent in steph's room with the people i came with (go figure), but it was a good time. there was much dancing to billy idol, and then a lamp was broken and we all laughed in the dark and then continued to dance. note for later: dance parties definitley need more darkness. i think at one point i humped nick mardanes' leg, but i don't remember why. later i reminded him how in 5th grade he gave me a black eye; he said i could punch him if i wanted, but i declined. the only bad spot on the night was that dave never turned up, i have no idea what happened to him. kevin and joel got pretty drunk and were hilarious. colleen advertised BIG JEANS. on the way there and back, we had singalongs to 90s mixes
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oh yeah


city hall plaza, boston, 7pm, free:

Sat 07/31/04 Gin Blossoms
Sat 08/07/04 Spin Doctors
Thu 08/26/04 Hootie & The Blowfish

in other news...

cara was saying how much fun it would be to see the spin doctors
King Nixon (8:13:29 PM): haha i know
King Nixon (8:13:40 PM): and gin blossoms! and hottie!
King Nixon (8:13:41 PM): uhh hootie
lightupyourroom (8:14:04 PM): bahahahahaa
lightupyourroom (8:14:08 PM): fruedian slip.
lightupyourroom (8:14:08 PM): it's okay.
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