July 27th, 2004

hamster dance

"your vibrator's butt is solar-powered?!" -desiree

julie just walked into my room. "here's a ladybug, since you killed yours by accident." she had a ladybug on her hand. i tried getting it off, though it resisted (as well it should), but then it was crawling up my finger. got to the tip of the finger, spread its shell-wings and some gauzy looking wings behind those. then closed everything, but part of the gause was sticking out of its butt like a tail. it spread its wings again and took off

We were out of our minds with joy. Joy in full bloom and out of control, like weeds in our manicured lives. -david marusek, "we were out of our minds with joy"
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    spacehog - resident alien - 12 - zeroes