August 4th, 2004


"why can't i be retarded so i can meet john stamos?" -peta

Little known fact: Bill Clinton tied Jesus Christ for 13th place on a 2003 poll: "Greatest American of All Time"
--trivial pursuit, via lauri (i looked it up online, and i couldn't find the specific attribution, but apparnetly it is a real poll that is done like every year. and apparently in 2003, britain voted the greatest american of all time to be homer simpson)

things i have done today:
1) discovered that i love the poetry of sylvia plath
2) went to some acoustic thing at waysmeet. it was mostly not so great, but hey. and i got to see jeremiah and jenn, whcih is always a treat. jenn accidentally advised me to hit on girls that give a lot of blowjobs
that is all.

love as OCD

i think i've had this link here before but it is really amazing. the mythology of homeless children

got this from mel, who (presumably) got it from neil gaiman's site. apparently this guy is going to send out a free signed comic book to anyone who sends him a letter asking for one..
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my writing skills are limited by my strong innate sense of grammar. some of the most beautiful turns of phrase i have heard came from people who were not native english speakers, and who were translating their thoughts (or an expression) word for word.

kevin sent me this song awhile ago. i am thrilled- weird al does this song in part of "polka party" but i'd never heard the original, so he was playing it and i was like omg i know this song!
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