August 5th, 2004

bends head

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lately i've been trying to fix my stupid sleep schedule a little bit. so to that end, i had my alarm last night set for noon. lately what i'll do is turn off the alarm when it goes off, lie there for another half hour or so, and then get up. today i fell back asleep and woke up again around 2. so now i'm a little slept-too-long groggy. also i had very strange dreams. nothing particular stands out as bad or whatever, if i described them it wouldn't sound like anything much, but i woke up feeling bothered. it's funny how people will be in your dreams that you've hardly ever thought of
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    tabula rasa - the role of smith - 11 - if you kill me, i'll never know

kick me

this is the most terrifying song i have ever heard. i just downloaded this album yesterday, after hearing of its amazingness for so long. OMG ITS BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE IMAGINED I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING

in other unimportant music news, i hate when cds are at drastically different volumes. like when one cd is quiet so i have it turned up, and then the next cd starts and it is much louder so comes blasting out and i die.

i had something vaguely worthwhile to say, but i've forgotten it now. ah well. useless post!
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    William Shatner - the transformed man - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds