August 6th, 2004

alien chest burst


so far, today is pissing me off something fierce.

once again, slept way later than i had any reason to, and had weird dreams and woke up in a gloomy mood. so i got up, nobody's home, my computer's bein weird, there's nothign i want to eat. so i decide to make the can of hormel tamales i bought the other day.
i managed to make no less than 3 big messes while making them, due to the overabundance of nasty "chili sauce" and my stupidity. now, i dont know what the proper name for these are, but i'm pretty sure it aint tamale. perhaps "awful things" would be more accurate. it's like dog food wrapped in soggy tissues and covered in oil, only with a creepier texture. i was already hating them at this point, so naturally i decided to eat the whole goddamn thing (4 servings, according to the can) out of stubborn spite. i gave up before i finished, but i think i had too much nonetheless. my stomach feels weighted now. blech.

so yeah. today i call apartment ads from the paper. still haven't heard from dave, 2 days after i left a grillion messages. still have no 3rd roommate. oh well. everything is probably rented already anyway.

this had better be a fucking awesome party tonight.
update: it was!
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angry face

grr 2.0

in further pissy news, i just drove out to see an apt but the asshat wasnt there wehn i showed up, and i waited around and then came back and called him and he's like oh i was tehre and i waited but then i had to leave. I TOLD YOU I WAS ON THE WAY WHEN WE GOT OFF THE PHONE DAMMIT, YOU DONT JUST STROLL OFF! GOOD LANDLORDING DEAN!
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