August 8th, 2004


i've got nude pictures of your family tree

last night was awesome, went to the party at casie's. much fun occurred. i got quite shmammered - i stole thsi word from beth because i love it - because people kept giving me weird drinks. there were lots of people i haven't seen/talked to in awhile, which is always splendid, with but one notable absence. i got my ass kicked at arm wrestling by some super tall kid who challenged me for some mysterious reason. i hugged lots of people and apparently proposed to jenn, but she broke my heart and declined.

today the adventure began at jon's apartment, where we waited for people to arrive and discussed important topics such as styro-feet and how to properly light one's roommate on fire. eventually, all 8234839843 people had shown up and we drove to beth's family's house for her family bbq. we missed the actual bbq portion of the day, but there were lots of yummy appetizers (some of which were boobytrapped. they had these things that looked like bug nets on top of them, but if you tried to lift it, half the time it would snap shut). also: her family wins at life. we got there, were greeted by the 3 kitchen witches (i wasn't sure if htey were saying witches or wenches), and immediately offered jello shots. there was discussion of hootie (who most of her family apparently loves), boobs, mike petting a cat, drinking tide and eating babies, and "more stories about deer rasslin'". there were cardboard cutouts of both george foreman and george bush.

oh mannnnn so me and julie himmelwright almost got left behind today. we were all in beth's basement hanging out and waiting for some people to show up. everyone else wanders upstairs but we stay and we're talkin to a guy who lives there and aly, who was magically there today. that was fun, i haven't seen her in a while. and she has a pet rat (soooo cute).
we go upstairs a little later and everyone is gone. we're like uhhh wtf where'd htey go? we try the other half of hte house and it's locked and ther'es no one there. i only had julie's cell# on me, but i just got her voicemail. so we had no idea where htey went. we were gonna walk to the mansion and see if we could find anyone, but then my cell rings, it's julie and she says that they left without us and just realized and they were coming back for us. it was great, i seroiusly felt like i was in home alone. though if they'd gone farther before htey realized, that woulda sucked

the spin doctors were surprisingly good. it's total white-bread funk, but very fun. the singer was awesome. he danced while he was singing and it was really silly and great. he was like jack sparrow minus the accent and crazy hair. he did all these like gymnastic high kicks and stuff. their last song was about your mommas's "big fat funky booty"

this weekend has been fuckin great. come to bingo tomorrow!!
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oh yeah

the mansion of love wants YOU!

yay we get to stay in the mansion!! but we need a 3rd roommate. if you want in, let me or kevin know. $400/month, everything included. bigass bedrooms, 2 livingrooms (one has a sink), 2 bathrooms, a kitchen nook, and ariel the little mermaid. the mansion of love wants YOU!
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