August 9th, 2004

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here i am

bingo today was awesome. we all dressed up sorta. casey got dobber ink smeared all over both his arms. old people were bitchy and snide, except the one lady who called bingo accidentally but she seemed really sweet and good-natured. we were all silly and laughed a lot. the end.

so i found an unlabeled vhs tape in my room earlier. i wanted to go watch a movie downstairs so i brought that with me to see whats' on it. it seems to be full of a bunch of random crap taped off of AMC. i have no idea why i have this. after that, i was watching "punch-drunk love", but i wasn't really in the mood and got bored. so i come back up, but someone locked the door while i was down there and i had to knock for like 15 minutes before desiree heard and let me in.

and now i'm talking to rob and just did this - - and i think it's just about bedtime

but first..
What did the guy with two left feet say to the shoe salesman?
"Do you have any flip flips?"

and from kevin..
if a gay man gets a lobotomy, is he a fruit or a vegetable?
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based on a true story

i just had lunch and i was sitting in my room reading and thinking that i am still kinda hungry. then desiree came to my room and asked if i wanted the rest of her falafel, and i did, and now i am less hungry.

the end