August 15th, 2004

exploding branez

tonight we had lots of friends zombie comedy!!!!!!!! lauri found this, and the following conversation ensued:

King Nixon (2:32:43 AM): OMGGGGGGGGG
Tadonnen (2:32:58 AM): I KNOOOOOOOOOOOOOW
King Nixon (2:34:03 AM): i demand to be watching that right now
Tadonnen (2:34:17 AM): me too

current sandwich: 2 pieces of italian bread which are too long to be toasted properly, so i put them in the toaster sideways so only about 2/3s of it was actually toasting, adn then i was too impatient to let it toast fully. so, take 2 pieces of 2/3s somewhat toasted italian bread, spread one with mustard, place upon it a whole corndog which i havent even bothered to cut up or anything, smoosh the other piece down on top, and enjoy!
note that the whole reason corndogs exist is that a) theyre on a stick so you dont need to put them in something to eat them, and b) theyre covered in a breadlike substance so youre not just eating a hotdog on a stick, cuz thatd be weird. so i removed teh stick, and put it in real bread. so im eating a hotdog with two layers of bread adn no stick. and it is very tasty.

and now, with that classiness in mind...

first thing my dad said when he saw me tuesday... "have you lost weight? are you eating enough?" i was like wtf am i wasting away? and he said maybe it was cuz my hair was bigger so the rest of me looked smaller by comparison. so what i conclude from this, if nothing else, is that bethany really needs to get back from camp so she can give me that haircut.
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